What are Block Out Curtains?

Block Out Curtains

Block out curtains are window treatments that completely shade a room from the sun. They allow very little light to pass through – negligible enough to simulate night time during the day. These types of drapes are perfect for people who want to fully control daylight in their space. It’s also a good way to control temperatures in an area.

How are they made?

This type of curtain looks just like any other drapery. They come in a variety of colours, designs, sizes and lengths. What makes them unique is the material they’re made of, as well as the UV blockers they’re coated with.

Materials for drapes like this are manufactured specially to completely control sunlight. Any type of fabric can be used, which lends variety to the design of the end-product. The cloth is pressed with layers of foam.

This process is called ‘passing’.

The drape’s opacity and effectively is determined by how many ‘passes’ it goes through. Standard designs will have two layers of foam pressed between fabrics. Completely opaque versions will have three or more. If more than two layers are used, a black foam is pressed in between the sheets. This allows the drapes to absorb more sunlight.

Who uses these drapes?

This type of curtain is commonly used in hotel rooms. They have guests from all over the world and may want to catch some sleep at all hours of the day. Those who work during the night will also benefit from these window coverings. Simulating lighting levels at night will make it easier for the individual to fall asleep.

These drapes also help to prevent heat or cold loss in a temperature-controlled area. They are thick enough to insulate a room, making it easier for the air conditioning system to maintain ideal temperatures. They’re ideal for people who want to save on their heating and cooling costs.

Blackouts are perfect for mothers with newborns. Sunlight can disrupt a baby’s sleep pattern. This type of drape controls the daylight inside the room, making it easier to set a sleeping and feeding schedule for the baby.

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