Vacuum Pump Warranty

Most, if not all vacuum pump brands and manufacturers offer a warranty on their products. If you are looking for a vacuum pump to buy, checking the warranty is not enough. You must understand the inclusion and coverage of the service contract. This way, you can save money from the repair of the damaged product.

The warranty varies from one brand to another. There are some brands that offer extended service contract on parts while some offer a full warranty on their product for a year. If you are not sure of the coverage, don’t hesitate to ask a sales representative.

Date coverage

This is very important especially if you are purchasing a state of the art vacuum pump. Some manufacturers give a vacuum pump service like Becker that has a contract of 10 years while others have 1 year.

You might also find a lifetime or unlimited service contract yet when you continue reading the warranty page, it says lifetime warranty on ‘certain parts only’. These are among the things that you need to be careful with. There are also manufacturers who have their own vacuum repair centre and I personally favour these brands as compared to those who don’t.


Replacement of damaged unit is another type of service contract. There are some manufacturers who offer this on the first 7 days while others offer it on the first 90 days. Aside from the number of days, there are other conditions that consumers need to meet before they become eligible for a replacement.

Repairs, check up and part replacement

Oftentimes, warranties only cover repair and replacement based on certain conditions. It is often considered as part of maintenance and comes with a charge regardless of when you bought your unit. Prior to buying, better ask these things with your sales representative.