Tips for Hiring a Pest Control Company

The best way to eliminate or stop pests from attacking your property is by hiring a professional pest control Hills District company. With the many companies around providing this type of service, choosing which amongst them can deliver the job exactly as how you want it can be a daunting job to accomplish. Below are things you can consider when hiring:

  • Have pest control included on the package when you get service tree trimming or home repair or a special rate if the treatment will be done immediately
  • Do not hire a company that do not have a working or listed phone number, most of the time, they are not legitimate
  • When they are selling service door to door, make sure that before you let them get in your home verify their identification. As much as possible, do not let them get in if you are alone, unfortunately, there are people taking advantage of the elderly and those people living alone
  • Do not hire people who will show up unexpectedly in your area and show you insects that they claim they found in your neighbours’ houses. If you are interested in their business, you can ask them to wait outside your house and call your neighbour to verify the information
  • Try not to do business with companies who will quote you a per-gallon price of pesticides. Pest control requires several hundred gallons of chemicals and quoting you per gallon can be very expensive
  • Ask for the formula they will use if they say that they are using a secret formula best to decline their service. Pesticides should be approved and registered, and there is no such thing as ‘secret formula’
  • Ask for a contract, and you should never sign it immediately. If they use excuses like your home is totally unsound and may collapse anytime if pests are not treated, just to pressure you to sign a contract with them, turn them down.

You need to be very careful when hiring a pest control company to work on this activity. Spend some time doing your homework before you seal an agreement with them.