Tips When Creating a Website Design

There is a lot more to being a good website designer than having the needed technical skills. Another key component to his or her success is keeping up to date on the latest website design trends. If you’re a web designer who wants to excel in your craft, here are some tips to consider:

Use style guides

This is highly popular in the publishing world. They are introduced in the form of large-sized books or documents that media publications go after to sustain uniform style all throughout their content. This may include almost everything from how numbers are written to how countries and states are labelled.

A web designer can make his or her own style guide to make sure that the website design has a consistent style all throughout.

Phase out sidebars

These sidebars tend to clutter on your website without skilful layout. Still, they can be helpful in enhancing the usability of a website by showing additional navigational elements— like links to popular content and recent posts.

In theory, it should contain useful contents and links to enhance the experience of the user. In reality, very few site visitors use them. Needless to say, fazing them out in your website design, most especially if the site does not need one, is recommended. Focus on your content and make it the most important element of your page instead.

Use larger font sizes

Large typography is not a new aspect or trend of design. Yet, it is still a good practice to follow. This can work big time in grabbing the attention of the readers and make them focus back to your content. Readability on smaller sized screens, like mobile devices, has played a big role in this trend, but this can fit on flat design and minimalist trends as well. Incorporating larger size fonts in your designs is a must.

Create more space

Too many clutter can distract your readers and make your website look overly complicated. That is also a reason why removing sidebars is recommended. It is best to create more space than trying to include too many elements as you can on one page.

Sure, these tips are guaranteed to work but remember that it is always best to leave the matter in the hands of experts, especially when you’re creating a website for your business. Contact the Black Sheep Creative web design company today.