Why Switch to Vaping Now?

From becoming healthier to saving money, we listed the more reasons why you should quit smoking and try e-cigarettes instead:


The obvious advantage of e- cigarette is it a lower health risk. This is because it does not contain tobacco. In fact, according to a report conducted by UK’s Department of Health, researchers and public health professionals found out that these are at least 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, their nicotine levels are adjustable, meaning that if you have a favourite e-juice flavour, you can still adjust the nicotine in it without changing the taste. Vaping is also perfect if you’re looking for an effective way to gradually phase out your nicotine usage.

More socially acceptable

Nowadays, there are a lot of buildings and cities that have a smoking ban. So, smokers are forced to step out of their establishment to get a cigarette. There are also instances when friends or people complain because of the smoke smell. These things won’t happen if you will switch to vaping. With e- cigarette, you can now enjoy the company of others without worrying about second-hand smoke. This won’t also stain your teeth and affect your breath.

Different styles

This comes in a variety of styles, colours, size, and shape. Unlike tobacco, you can choose a style that suits your needs and personality. Just purchase high-quality tanks to avoid spending more on a replacement.


Electronic cigarettes don’t create tobacco taste. Moreover, there are a lot of e-liquid flavours, which makes it more enjoyable. You can choose from doughnut, watermelon, and candy, among others. However, buy from a trusted E juice supplier like Sejuice Vape to make sure of the taste.


Discarded cigarettes can pollute the environment. Moreover, they are often the cause of accidental fires. With the electronic cigarette, you can eliminate these risks as this is safer to use. This is because they don’t need fire, but just batteries to work.