Soundproofing Secrets For A Quieter Home

There’s nothing more relaxing than having a quiet home. However, the noise of neighbours and sounds of the vehicle could not give you a peace of mind. So, to help, we listed the ways on how to soundproof your home:

Add Rugs or Carpet

Whether you are tired of hearing the floor’s squeaky sound or you want to reduce ambient noise, putting rugs and carpets can help you with that. Just remember to purchase high-quality materials to make it effective.

Add Drywall

By far, one of the most effective ways to reduce impact noise is to add insulation and drywall. This is because it helps stop the vibration before it turns into sound. You don’t have to add these everywhere. Just choose areas you want to keep particularly quiet like your kids’ room and your office.

Change Doors

If you have hollow core doors, expect that sounds will just pass through them. That’s why it is important to replace your doors with solid wood materials. You also want to install weather-stripping or adhesive-backed high-density foam tape as sealing the gaps around the perimeter of the door will also help to block out the sounds.

Add Water Treatment

If the noise is coming from your driveway or from your neighbours, the best way to limit it is by having trickling water of the fountain. Not only it can block the sounds but it can also serve as a decoration for your backyard too. Moreover, the sound of the water can make you relax as well. Just make sure to always clean it and fill it with new water every other day to avoid attracting pests.

Install Plantation Shutters

To ensure that the noise isn’t slipping through your windows, don’t neglect to install plantation shutters Geelong. Just make sure that if fits well and your window has no cracks and damage. You can purchase the best shutters on Australian Window Fashions.