Signs You Need A New Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters are wonderful appliances to have at home. They serve your dishwashing and showering routines with the right temperatures you need. However, like any other device, they might break down after a period of regular use. In the case of a breakdown and an expired warranty, you will be prompted to purchase a new electric hot water heater. They have highly trained technicians that are ready to help you to install the product in your house.

Hot water heater prices differ, depending on the type of material and model. Purchasing an efficient model will enable you to save considerably. The following are signs that will tell you your heater needs a change:

1. Rusty Water

In case your hot water is rusty whether, in appearance or smell, this is a clear indication that your heater is undergoing rusting. Refill your tanks and run a test to verify the source of rust. If only your hot water is rusty, you must replace the heaters.

You can prevent rusting by using heaters made of other metal apart from iron. In case you use two rods, ensure they are same metal types so that they won’t react. To check for rust, you can drain your hot system. If it is coloured, muddy or is metallic to taste, consider changing as soon as possible.

2. Old Units

When you buy heaters, you can track the duration of use from the year of manufacture. If you read the serial numbers of your heaters, you can easily tell their year of manufacture. The first two digits represent the manufacturing year. You can also check online and replace those aged heaters

3. Rumbling Noises

It is possible for you to hear some rumbling and bumping sounds in your unit. This is caused by dregs that collect at the tanks bottoms from the aging heaters. The repeated heating causes the residue to harden and drains your heaters capacity.

4. Leaks

Have you come across a leaking tank in your system? This could be because of the expansion of metal during heating. In as much as the leaking might stop upon cooling of the metal, it can be rather messy. Ensure there are no more leaks before you replace.