3 Safety Tips for High Level Window Cleaning

One of the primary requirements in the industry of window cleaning is safety, particularly when high-level windows are involved. For this window cleaning, keeping the security of cleaners lies in building manager, facility management companies, contractors and subcontractors. Accidents may happen due to negligence, and to help minimise the risk of performing high-level window cleaning, considering the safety tips below is a must:

  • Certification and Extensive Training

Just like in any job, high-level window cleaning requires certification and extensive training. It is a must that anyone who will perform the job is certified and completed extensive training. They need to know the machinery they need to use and how to use them, including safety features and practices. To add, they also need to be expert and capable of working at heights.

  • Medical Examinations

Cleaners may be assigned to work on a building that has 50-feet high or above, and this being the case, it is necessary that their medical conditions are checked before they take on a contract with the company. Ailments or health conditions to be checked include diabetes, psychiatric illness, difficulty with balance, obesity, epilepsy, impaired limb function and drug dependence.

Any health condition that may be triggered when they do their job should disqualify them from performing such work assignment. Not everyone is healthy enough to perform dangerous tasks like high-level window cleaning, so examinations are necessary.

  • Rope Access Kit

It is necessary that the worker is connected to both safety and working lines. Usually, they are connected adjacent to one another. Wearing helmet should be practised, protecting them from a head injury in case they fall whilst the backup rope adjustment device would prevent them from falling in case that one slips or loses control, or in case the main line fails to work.

A chest harness is required when ascending the rope as that will keep them safe in case all the equipment fails when climbing down. Work harness is another basic tool that should be included in their rope access kit.

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