Proper Cleaning of Plantation Shutters

Just like in any parts or areas of your home, cleaning is necessary. If you want it to live its life to the maximum, taking care of it is a must. You can always work on cleaning it yourself and that’s why most people want to have plantation shutters to cover their window is the ease of its maintenance.

0However, there are different types and materials used for plantation shutters. Thus, it is only necessary that the process you use is the one suitable for the type of window treatment you have.

Cleaning for Timbre-Made

If your shutters are made of the basswood timbre, the best cleaning advice is to keep it simple. Keeping it neat and tidy without too much water or harsh materials is recommended. It would be best if you use a brush, dusting cloth or a vacuum, and you can opt using a small brush that you can wet.

First, run the vacuum with the brush attachment on shutters to remove as much debris and dust as possible. Then, using a soft dusting cloth to make sure that it can get between each shutter, remove all the remaining dust and dirt that were left behind.

After you are done with that, it’s time to wet the cloth slightly using either water or any general cleaning material. In a very gentle manner, scrub all the stubborn stains or areas in the timbre. Using a dry cloth, dry all the areas you wet to avoid any damage or warping.

Cleaning for Polywood Shutters

If not timbre, it may be made of Polywood. This material can be cleaned using chemicals that are harsher. The process is the same as cleaning timbre; the only difference is that you can make use of harsher chemicals to this type of material.

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