How a Plumber Confirms Pipe Leaks at Home

Water leaks are disturbing because you’ll face a drastic increase in the utility bills for months, not to mention the damages in the property. If not detected immediately, water contamination can happen, which can put the family members in danger. The weird sound on the pipe and the paint discolouration are signs of leakage. Call the plumber immediately to check the different areas at home.

Here’s how the expert detects the location of leaks:

  • Rapid movement of the water meter

If no one is using the bathroom or kitchen, the meter must not move. The first thing that experts do to confirm the leakage is by checking the water meter. After switching off the water supply, when there’s still movement in the meter, then there’s a problem.

  • Damage to the hoses

Leaks don’t only happen inside the house as other water channels like hoses and sewer are located outdoors. A tear or damage on the hose can be the reason why your utility bill has increased. The certified plumber uses a high-grade machine to spot the problem without demolishing the concrete or tiles. They use a device to hear the movement of water underneath the ground.

  • Foul smell

Moulds form in places where moisture and air are abundant, so experts check hidden areas, like the back of the cabinet. One of the things that can help spot moulds is the foul and musty smell in the place. If homeowners don’t perform regular cleaning, they can’t see the signs of leaks.

You should know that not all signs can be detected easily. Sometimes, leaks are hidden underground that’s why you can’t see or hear a gentle drop of water. Call a trusted plumber to get down to the problem and avoid inconveniences.

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