Have Perfect Cuts With This Saw Cutting Guide

Saw Cutting

The thing about saw cutting is that you will not always achieve a straight cut. Long, straight cuts are an issue, especially when you are using a circular saw. Luckily, there are things that you can do to resolve this issue. Here are some of them:

First is to use cutting guides and fiberboards.

Fiberboards specifically medium density boards are stable. Now, you can cut your materials by tracing the boards.

Another thing is to use saw cutting pattern. The first thing to do is get a 19mm x 90mm fence plank that is the same length as your fiberboard. Position the fence plank over the board and move it to around 40mm away from an edge. Once you are sure of the measurement, use wood glue to secure the plank in place. If you feel that the wood glue is not enough, use box nails.

Cutting straight lines without using a table saw is no secret a hard thing to do. If you already follow these steps but still failed, do not worry as you can always opt for companies that offer saw cutting service. There are many firms that you can contact and ask.

However, since there are a lot of them, you want to do your research first to get the best deal. Choose a firm that has a good reputation like us.

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