Painting Contractors Teach You How to Choose the Right Shades for Your Living Room

In the old time, whitewashed walls were fashionable. Why? Because white was associated with order and cleanliness. But the colour of the walls can change the decor considerably. That’s why interior specialists and others have begun to address various colour combinations.

Here are some tips that painting contractors recommend:

1. Yellow and orange. Choose specific nuances of citrus as this will light the living room and it makes it look more animated and dynamic. These are two colours of summer.

2. Gold, dark orange and white off. To appear to have a bright living room, it is ideal is to put the white curtains at the windows and, if possible, put with them an element of the opposite end of the room. Do not overdo it with orange and gold! Two orange cushions and drapery in the same shade are enough.

3. Tangerine and darker blue. A combination of summer. The charm is that it gives light blue decor colder air, but the tangerine drops the balances. For the cushions off the couch, for example, buy two tangerine and one blue covers. The latter you can put in the middle.

4. Blue, turquoise and pink. It gives particularity in any room and makes it look brighter and more cheerful. It fits both men and women.

5. Black, white and lighter blue. Imagine whitewashed walls are a pale blue, quite frankly, armchairs and sofa upholstery has a white pattern on black and white lamps and curtains are complete. It’s a very chic decor, saying things about you that you appreciate quality and have sophisticated tastes. But it would be good to enter the decor some golden.

Of course, you can always choose other colour combinations. Painting contractors suggest not to focus only on the colour of the walls, but to make sure you slip in various decorative elements in shades that complement the room. Are you a lover of red, blue or green? There’s nothing wrong with that! However, do not paint the walls with it. Instead, choose open and warm shades of ivory, beige and grey. Along with classic white, not everything goes well.

The wall colour radically changes the look of a room and the choice is very important. You can easily fail if you cannot combine colours, if, in a moment of courage and creativity, you can choose shades that are too strong. Or you can just leave it to professional as they know what’s the best for your place.