Why We Need to Upgrade Our Toilet

Our bathroom needs a little upgrade once in a while. Toilets, specifically, needs to be changed after a decade of use. This is not only for an aesthetical reason but for sanitation as well. Think about the breeding germs and bacteria on this porcelain seat. Even though we take time to clean it, there are still numerous hidden bacteria present here. If you can’t stand that idea, see the following reasons for an upgrade:

Save water

Old toilets don’t have water-saving feature. This means that when you flush, the amount of water that comes sliding in is significantly large, unlike when you use the newest technology which lets you control the water to use. You won’t believe how much you can save on utility bills when you upgrade the toilet. By doing this, you also help save the environment and not waste gallons of water a day.

Avoid overflow

As disgusting it may get, an overflowing toilet just ruins the experience. Not to mention how it can cause mould formation and bacteria build-up. If you’re already experiencing this situation, why not give yourself new toilets? Plumbers would tell you the same because some issues can’t be fixed, especially for older urinals. Get a new one and be at ease whenever you sit and do your business.


Technology also changed our bathroom essentials. Right now, your toilet seat can have a touch-screen controller to change the temperature of the water and spray aromatic fragrance in the room. Here are the biggest features available in the market today:

– Massaging bidet wash
– Heated seat
– Automatic flush
– Self-cleaning
– Self-deodoriser
– Nightlight
– Bluetooth and MP3

It’s hard to imagine how life would be without comfort rooms. Whenever we are, this area is essential to be healthy and normal. Contact Bathroomware House for excellent bathroom accessories. To see the full collection, visit their website today.