What You Need to Know About Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are evil and can cause severe damage to our home. If not treated immediately, it will not only weaken the structural integrity of our house but also impose health risks to our loved ones. So if you want to avoid this life-long problem, take a look at the following:

Locate the drain

Just like any other plumbing problem, blocked drains have a root cause that we aren’t aware of. If your drain is located outside, the cause might be dirt build-up coming from dead leaves. Experts say that even tree roots can tamper with the pipes which cause water flow. It’s advisable that you check the pipes and drains every two to three months to monitor their status.

For indoor blockage, the only cause is a disposal of heavy objects in the drains. In the kitchen, it might be food debris, grease oil, soap and utensils. While in the bathroom, it could be hair strands, flushed toilet paper, napkins, wipes and soap.

What can happen if you ignore it?

Imagine if the stagnant water sits in the house for too long, there can be bacteria build-up and musty odour. The smell will go further to the surface until your house emits an unpleasant smell. Moreover, insects like mosquito can develop in the house and before you know it, you’ve been infected.

How to prevent it

The secret is simple: discipline and proper disposal of waste. You can start by orienting the family with the do’s and don’ts in the kitchen and bathroom. If you have smaller kids, show them the proper way to dispose a waste and discuss the outcome if they don’t follow these things. Also, put a waste bin in every comfort rooms and kitchen. For the sink, you can buy a stainless steel basket strainer that will help to block food debris and hair strands. These are available in supermarket and hardware.


Regular schedule to a plumber lowers the chance of having blocked drains. Contact a plumbing contractor for safe and effective solutions to water system problems.