Making a Good Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix

Whether it is going to be used for home renovation or a maintenance project, a properly-mixed concrete mixture is essential. This process should be done with strength and durability in mind. Your aim should be to make the concrete withstand wear-and-tear for the years to come.

The strength and density depends on the proportion of three basic elements: water, cement, and aggregate. The quality of aggregate also plays an important role that will determine how durable the concrete will be in the future. Avoid using weak sandstone with high absorption and is prone to crumbling. One of the most widely-used aggregates is gravel of crushed rocks. You can throw in some fine aggregate (usually sand) to fill in the spaces between large particles.

You should also be careful with putting  the right amount of water in the mix. If there is not enough water, the particles would not stick together as they should. On the other hand, pouring in too much will weaken the concrete. Also, adding too much water will make the mixture too thin, which will be very hard to work with.

The mixing technique is also another important factor. If the ingredients are not thoroughly mixed, the hardness of the finished product will be inconsistent. This is something to avoid at all costs. In order to be successful, the proper tools should be used. One of the most commonly-used equipment is the wheelbarrow. Make sure that it is on level surface when you are doing the process. Using a a sturdy wheelbarrow will help ensure a good quality cement mixture.

With the right ingredients and equipment, you are now ready to mix the cement into the perfect consistency. Also, do not forget to use the proper safety gears such as gloves.

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