Leaky Pipes And It’s Effect

The place with the most frequent amount of water can be found in the kitchen and bathroom. However, leaks can also happen underneath the foundation of the house so it’s better to locate them early to avoid health risks.


Formation of moulds

If you let leaks untreated, there’s a high chance that your family will catch disease and allergies because of bacteria. It can lead to the formation of moulds which weaken the structure of your home.

Contact with mould can be dangerous as it affects our respiratory system that can lead to death. As the bacteria grow, it pest around places which become host site to multiple germs and other microorganisms. These will enter your pipes and water supply, leading to contamination. If you have toddlers around the house, they will likely to crawl over the slippery area which leads to accidents.

Structural damage

Drywall, if infected by moulds, needed to be replaced. Do the math and see how expensive it is to change the structure of your home just because you neglect to cure leaks. Flooding of the basement caused by a hole in your pipes can be a threat to the foundation of your home. Renovation cost, materials plus tradesmen, you can be broke if it stays for too long. Add to the dilemma are broken appliances and electric outlet.

Detect and get rid of leaks

Now that you’re aware of the downside of leaks, we give you tips how to detect them during the early stage.

Make sure plumber check your water system occasionally. It can be twice a year to maintain drains, pipes, and toilet. You can ask these experts for tips so you and your family know what to avoid. Moreover, plumbers can suggest products keep everything in good quality.

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