Here’s What to Do Before Getting Drain Unblocking Services

Drains are an annoying part of our house when they’re damaged. Typically, they become clogged because of the amount of debris we throw in them. We always tell people that they should be careful. Otherwise, they would need to have a professional service to perform the unblocking.

Here’s the real deal about clogs: as much as we don’t want to admit it, they usually happen because of poor usage. Be it accidentally or knowingly we tend to dispose of things that our drains are not designed to clear out immediately. These include things like spaghetti bits, used oils, hair, and much more.

• To prevent unnecessary clogging, the foremost advice we give to clients who eventually require drain unblocking services is not to throw anything in their drain that can clog, mostly oils and grease. The issue about grease is it tends to harden in lower temperatures, creating blockages.

• If possible, drain all oils and grease in a resealable tin can and when full, close this container and toss it in the trash. The same should be done with food debris—putting all of it in a small bag and tossing it as soon as it fills up.

• If you have solids that clump up when exposed to different substances like old flour or coffee grounds, it’s better to toss these in the trash where all organic materials go. You can also add the coffee grounds to fertiliser or your potted plants to improve the nitrogen content of the soil.

• There are moments where small particles are impossible to stop, or you just don’t care enough. It’s best to use a drain grate or a screen on top of your drainage. This prevents inorganic stuff like hair, soap scum, and residue from going down your drainages.

• When possible, run hot water in the sink down the drains. The hot water can help dissolve any scum that has stuck on your pipes and is effective for oils, hair and other material.

If you get more severe issues or any method that you try is not working, drain unblocking services are available at the touch of a button. All you need to do is give your local plumbing company a call, and they will take care of it.