Health Problems Related to Stress

Whether it is a relationship problem or unpleasant experience, major stress can affect our lives. Though it is normal, this doesn’t mean that you need to dwell on it.  Aside from ruining your day, did you know that it could also affect your health? Here are some health problems related to stress:

Heart Diseases

If you are suffering from chronic stress, the higher the risk that you could develop heart ailments. Many studies have shown that anxiety can increase heart rate and blood flow. It is also proven that individuals who suffered from major stress are 23% more likely to develop a heart attack. So if you are experiencing irregular heart pain every day, then consult your doctor.


Being in a demanding situation could raise your blood sugar. There are research studies that show that stress can affect the glucose level directly. So if you already have this disease, you have to manage your stress properly to avoid more complications.


It’s probably no surprise that people eat a lot when they are feeling stress. However, those comfort foods could not bring comfort in all situation. Sometimes, they bring health issues – such as obesity. If you don’t want to be obese, then seek other ways to release stress. Avoiding sweets, chips or sodas may help but stress release cortisol, a hormone that makes us crave for sugar and fat. So the biggest challenge is really having discipline.

It’s impossible to have a stressful life, but it is possible to have a healthy body. To achieve that, visit doctors on the Gold Coast. They are composed of highly trained people that can advise you regarding your health status. From the latest vaccine and advanced medical technology, we are here to aid your needs. So if your needing someone to take care of your health, visit us to book an appointment.