Habits That are Damaging Your Home Appliances

Over the years, we develop certain habits that can be the cause of damage to our appliances. Most of us don’t recognise it at first. After a series of glitch and repair, we might find out that we’re the reason behind the problem. Even if these are innocent mistakes, we must try to minimise them to keep the appliances in good condition.

1. Using oven as emergency storage

Pile of mails, plastic wrappers, and other kitchen supplies shouldn’t end up in the even. Imagine the disaster if you turn on the oven without checking what’s inside. It can create fire and worst, explosion. So the next time you’re about to store something in the oven, give yourself a little lecture.

2. Overfilling freezer

Sometimes, we are all guilty of not organising our fridge at home. We just stack our supplies inside even though it’s already filled up. While it’s true that a full freezer works better than an empty one, you shouldn’t put too much inside. Doing this can block the air vents, restricting the flow of air in the unit. The condenser should be cooled off so the fridge won’t burn out. What you should do is purchase meat and supplies for a week to make sure it can fit in the fridge. If you encounter problems, don’t hesitate to call fridge repairs services. They provide quality kitchen appliance repair for all types of brands. Visit their website to learn more.

3. Overloading washing machine

If the laundry is piling up, the washing machine is here to save the day. What you should avoid is overloading clothes inside the brim. Weigh a number of garments you will load to not put too much stress on the bearings.

4. Leaving spills in the oven

When you perform general clean-up, make sure you completely remove all stains and spills inside the oven. Don’t wait too long before you wipe the spills as they can damage heating coils.