Your Guide to Custom Stickers

Custom stickers consist of words, images, graphics and other elements. They are printed on materials with pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and presented in a vast range of designs, shapes and sizes. Below are examples of the material used to produce stickers with customised use:

  • White vinyl
  • White repositionable vinyl
  • Clear vinyl
  • Reflective vinyl
  • Front-facing adhesive
  • White cling
  • Clear cling
  • Perforated film
  • Magnets

It is important to take a good look at the printing and the materials. These factors will determine the lifespan of the stickers. This will impact how they can last in permanent fixtures and vehicles that went through the so-called vehicle wrap. To give you an idea, wrap advertising or vehicle wrap is the process of entirely or partially covering cars with ads.

Stickers can also be trusted in marketing. These adhesives are outlined in a way that they can persuade consumers to patronise a brand. They are then attached to places where they can draw the attention of the public.

As a marketing tool, this sticker type can do the following:

Push brand image – Many companies utilise stickers to get their name and message out there. This is possible by ordering a number made especially for the business and distributing them. These normally include the name, logo, catchphrase, images and of products. They can be posted on bulletin boards, cars, posts and other public spots with a huge foot or vehicle traffic. More importantly, they serve as the finishing touch for packaging.

Relay information – Taking advantage of the fact that they are highly visible, these stickers come with the necessary information about the product. The message normally goes with the packaging. This technique is especially helpful to the food manufacturing business. As they are perfect for noting the expiration dates.

Marketing campaigns – As you are doing your part in promoting and advertising your goods and services, it is not unlikely to get a boost in sales. This labelling material can garner so much interest when done creatively. Do something about the colours, font and come up with a witty slogan! The customers will sure have the urge to give your offerings a try.

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