Guide for Throwing Your Child’s Birthday Party at Home

Some parents choose to celebrate their child’s birthday at home. It’s much cheaper plus you can do any you want. On the other hand, if you rent a venue, you will pay for every hour. So, if you’re planning to throw your kid a birthday bash soon, here’s a guide:

Discuss what your child wants

Know what your child wants. Dinosaur party? Superheroes? Fairy tale? Remember to let them choose whatever they fancy. You can help your child choose by searching the internet and finding party inspirations. List down top 3 themes until you get to the one your kid likes the most. Always prioritise their decision.

Who to invite

Give them time to think who they want to celebrate their birthday with. Are their classmate invited? How about members of the family or even school teachers? Make a seating arrangement plan from this so the task will be easier.


It’s better to plan this a month before the big day so when there are adjustment or changes, you have a backup plan. Ask your child about the entertainment they want for the event. Is it a magician or clown? Inflatable slide or a band? This is something you want to invest on, especially for kids 5 to 10 years old. All they do is play so let there be fun on his or her birthday. Friends and schoolmates can enjoy and thank your child for the unique experience.

Food selection

For the food, you can either prepare it or get catering service. You can also purchase a sausage making machine to prepare finger foods that kids enjoy. This is a sound investment since you can make good use of it even after the party. You can also benefit from this if you want to sell your delicious sausage recipe. Contact CQ Butchers & Catering Supplies to find out more.