Gas Leak at Home

If you’ve worked with unauthorised plumber, problems can arise like poorly fitted appliances which will lead to gas leaks. This has been one of the biggest problems at home that can lead to major injury and death. That’s why you must know the signs of the leak to prevent bigger damage.

What happens if you ignore a gas leak

Upon the inhalation of poisonous chemical, you can get carbon monoxide poising which leads to death as organs cannot work properly. Not only that, a significant amount of fume in the house can lead to fire if someone opened the stove or light a cigarette. Explosions can happen in a matter of hours. Don’t wait for any of this to happen and let certified plumber inspect hot water systems at home.

Boilers and cookers are among the appliances with a gas leak. So, make sure to check these on a daily basis.

How to detect a gas leak?

If you suddenly feel dizzy or nauseous without a reason, try to go outside the house and inhale fresh air. Some of the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning are light-headedness and irritation.

Other signs include:

  • Orange of yellow flame instead of blue
  • Pilot light that blows out every time you open stove
  • Black or brown scorched areas around the appliance
  • Musty or weird smell
  • Excessive condensation visible on windows

Prevent Gas leaks

The first step to being gas-free in the house is to work with a certified plumber or engineer. If you’ve done a repair, immediately call the company for help. They may not charge you for this as it’s their fault. Second, if you’ve purchased a new home and you’re about to install a hot water system, make sure to ask if the provider has an accredited gas safe engineer. If they do, that’s the time you ask for their assistance. Finally, properly maintain the appliances twice a year so you know if there are existing problems that needed fixing.

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