Garage Door Motor Maintenance Tips

The garage door motor should be maintained and checked. If it’s not working properly or if it suddenly malfunctions, it may cause accidents or injuries. Thankfully, it is actually easy to check. Changes to how it works may be a surefire sign that there is something wrong with it. Below are few of the tips you should know:

Monthly visual inspection

Close the door and look around the cables, springs, pulleys, mounting hardware and rollers for any signs of damage or wear. Is the mounting hardware loose? If something is not right visually, or if something does not sound right, then call a trained technician the soonest time possible.

This activity should be easy, but you need to ask the entire household to keep out of the door whilst performing this. Take your time and make sure that you all your senses are active to any differences as for how it operates.

Have your garage door motor checked if not used for a month

If you are leaving for a month and no one is there to operate or at least open and close your garage door, then having it checked by a professional technician when you get back is a must. Yes, it may be working fine, but you do not know if its still in best condition.

Any motor that gets stuck for a long time may get corroded or malfunction. Do not be too complacent. It may work for a while but you would not know if it would malfunction anytime. Hiring a professional for your garage door is cheaper than attending to the damage or possible injuries.

Avoid the motor to get soaked up, if so, call an expert immediately

In case this happens accidentally, it is best if you call an expert immediately. Avoid opening or closing the door for the time being unless the technician gives you a go signal. Soaking up with water may bring damage to it that cannot be noticed visually.