Four Questions to Ask Cabinet Makers

Cabinet Makers

For your cabinets, having them customised is a good idea. It’s a good thing that there are cabinet makers to ensure that whatever you need for a cabinet is what you will exactly get.

There are many cabinet makers you can hire. When choosing which cabinet maker to get, ask a few relevant questions to help you assess who to choose:

  • What materials will you use?

If you want durability and something that is worth keeping for a long time, choose the materials carefully. For boxes, consider solid wood core plywood. For the face frames, pick solid hardwood. Particleboard boxes are not recommended for cabinets.

  • How do you plan to assemble the cabinet?

They should use screw and glue for extra strength and durability. For face frames, they should use pocket screws. Those that are staples and not glued will fall soon. It is best to ask your cabinet makers if they will use face nails on the face frames as that may create lots of small pockmarks.

  • What will you use for finishing? Will you do it in the shop or on site?

Having them finish the cabinets on their shop is a lot better than having them spray the finishing on your home. The finishing may be made of chemicals and VOCs, so it is not recommended. Pre-catalyzed lacquer is the best chemical to use as finishing.

Cabinets that have no doors or those with glass doors should be finished and stained inside to go with the exteriors. The shelves should be stained same as the rest to achieve a nice and neat look.

  • What will the doors be made of?

Shaker doors or raised panel? Overlay or inset frames? For the materials, it is highly advised that you consider solid wood. While this is more expensive, it would surely last for a long time. On the other hand, most manufacturers use MDF for centre panels and over-the-wood grain as the veneer.