Easy Steps To Polish Your Wooden Floors

Wooden Floors

Wood is a material that is close to the human heart. Since our oldest ancestors, we are attracted to the classic beauty of timbre floors. Its timeless appeal from its brownish colour and texture has never failed to attract our eyes.

Whilst many flooring experts advise their clients to install timbre flooring, they always follow their recommendations with a caution – wooden floor polishing can be tough. To maintain the shine of your timbre flooring, they recommend the following steps:

Move your appliances and furniture to another room – This will enable you to clean the whole area without leaving behind any speck of dirt and debris. Make sure you don’t scratch your flooring whilst moving your possessions.

Sweep and vacuum – Broom floor first then use a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner to ensure that the entire floor clean. See to it that you do this process as even tiny specks of dust are enough to scratch your wooden flooring during the next steps.

Mop the floor – Dip the mop in a mixture of water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Use a wringer to make sure that the mop head is dry as possible. Then start mopping.

Buff – Using a microfibre cloth, wipe it in a circular motion. You can also rent or use your own buffing machine. There are instances when your floor needs waxing. To do this, apply a thin coat of floor wax on a moist cloth and wipe it on your flooring. Let it dry for a few minutes then buff.

Use hacks in different occasions – Do you see floor scuffs? Remove them using an eraser. If your child has accidentally marked on your floor with permanent markers, dab it using a damp cloth with a tiny bit of toothpaste. If there are scratches, spread thinly a solution of one part vinegar and three parts canola oil on the affected area.

From time to time, you need to contact professionals in floor polishing Melbourne to make sure that your flooring is well-maintained. They use specialised chemicals, tools, and equipment for the task.