Design Implications in the Open Kitchen


There are modern designs that have gained immense popularity in the building industry. Across the world and Australia in particular, the open plan living has become the new trend in most buildings.

The kitchen has, therefore, become a place where not just meals are prepared but where friends and family also congregate to socialise and communicate. Consequently, the kitchen has witnessed a hike in status and therefore most homeowners are taking a lot of interest in style about it.

In this regard, homeowners are increasingly selecting from a variety of fittings, lighting, cabinetry and appliances to ensure that the kitchen is stylish. With this trend, the market has greatly been opened for a kitchen designer who can offer very stylish designs and provide appropriate advice.

Most Australian households are increasingly carrying out home refurbishments to ensure that they meet the changing lifestyle demands. Clearly, the kitchen is one area that has experienced a lot of interest. Hence, the demand for designers capable of helping in refurbishment has become commonplace.

A good designer can help in re-designing the area to enable it to become spacious, provide space for storage and improve the flow of traffic within. Moreover, there are many styles that have entered the market that require the designer who keeps abreast with the latest trends.

Changing the configuration is more demanding from a financial budgetary perspective as compared to a renovation as it requires some plumbing works, new electronics, and alterations on doors, windows, and walls.

It is, therefore, advisable to assess whether a kitchen significantly benefits from reconfiguration before it is carried out. If it fails to benefit, then it is advisable to consider undertaking a renovation. Nonetheless, in reconfigurations, a designer plays a vital role as he/she must ensure that the new design comports with the style envisaged by the homeowner.

A designer has to be conversant with the aesthetic and practical needs of the homes that he is building or redesigning to ensure that they are modern and stylish. Additionally, the other players such as the appliance manufacturers are also making new innovations that will best suit the new design and styles in the kitchen.

Moreover, the joinery is also increasingly changing and this requires that the designers be completely aware of the changes and work with other players to deliver a modern style. Painters must also be aware of the changes that will be required in the new open kitchen to make it appear stylish.