How Cleaning the Air Conditioning System Can Avoid Repairs

You may need to repair your air conditioning unit at one point in time. It may be due to wear and tear or misuse. On the other hand, maintaining your air conditioning can somehow minimise the chances of your air conditioning system breaking and malfunctioning.

What you need to ensure is that your AC is blowing clean air and that any dust and dirt it accumulates will be cleaned and removed. Here are some tips you can follow that can help you with your AC cleaning.


Hire a professional AC cleaner to perform maintenance on your unit. Some people opt to do the cleaning before summer to ensure that they will enjoy cool weather indoors before the weather turns sweltering hot. Still, there’s no ideal season to do the cleaning. You can do it anytime you wish.

On your part, it is necessary that you change air filters every 90 days.  Changing filters do not require expertise anyway, so you can do it yourself. Make sure though that you are changing according to manufacturer’s instructions and you are using the appropriate filter suitable for your specific AC unit.

If in case you don’t use the AC often, you still must always check on it and see the accumulation of dust in the filter.  if you see the filter is still clean, then might as well adjust the schedule of your filter change.


Do not use a too high pressure of water when cleaning the back of your AC unit. This might cause the motor to get damaged. If you have no idea on how to disassemble and assemble your unit, then might as well seek professional help. There are many businesses around that offer air conditioning cleaning services. Contact an expert repair service now and see what they have to offer.