Catering 101: The Perfect Menu for the Wedding

Weddings aren’t complete without food. Whenever we attend ceremonies, one of the things we look forward to is the reception where we can finally eat. The menu should satisfy the hunger of guests because truly, food defines the event. If the meals are bad, that’s how people will remember your wedding. Therefore, if you want to make this event memorable for the guests, make sure to hire the best catering service.

For couples who don’t have time to research about the appropriate meals to serve on the reception, here’s the perfect menu for the event:

Vegetarian option

Don’t just serve meat on the reception to balance the menu. If you have friends that are vegetarian, make sure to provide something for them. It will be nice if there’s variety of options available on the table. You can serve seafood, noodles, roast meat and salads.

Some caterers serve mouth-watering vegan and vegetarian meals. When choosing a provider, make sure to enquire about this matter. Who knows, maybe they have a package for this.

Bite-sized starters

Be creative when it comes to the appetizer. Aside from the usual soup, you can ask the catering provider if they have an oyster bar. This is perfect for the cocktail hour or late afternoon setup. Obviously, this set might be pricey so if you are on a tight budget, you can still consider other alternatives like chicken and waffle sliders.

Bite-sized meals are fun to eat since the serving size is just right. After all, appetizers tantalise the taste buds, which excited the guests for the main course.

Familiar foods

There are people who are adventurous when it comes to food. However, there are also picky eaters which don’t try unfamiliar meals on the table. Don’t waste your money on an outrageous menu and serve something pleasing to the eyes and familiar.

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