Kitchen Renovation

Benefits of Affordable Kitchen Renovations

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Kitchens are designed for cooking and food preparation. Knowing that it is an essential part of the house, it is only right to keep it clean and inviting. Affordable kitchen renovations are the way to go to make this possible.

What can affordable kitchen renovations do to your home?

  • Maximise functionality – It is hard to work in a space with cracked tiles, broken countertop and so on. Renovations are one way to increase the functionality of the kitchen. Maybe you need to repair, remove or add some elements to make cooking and food preparation much easier. You can totally get through a busy morning with a nice and spacious kitchen.
  • Improve property value – If you plan to put your home on sale in the near future, you might want to take measures to increase its marketability. A clean and welcoming cooking room is a factor that can truly affect the sales price of any home. With a lot of potential buyers, you need not worry about the cost because you can expect a bigger return on investment.
  • Ensure comfort – There are so many tempting reasons to give your cooking room a new look. Amidst all these grounds, it should all boil down to comfort and enjoyment. At the end of the day, it is about enjoying the company of our friends and family in the heart of your home. The happiness is far more valuable than the new cabinets, freshly painted walls and latest appliances.
  • Increase efficiency – Improvements like having wider windows, fluorescent lights and thermal insulation can increase efficiency whilst lowering energy costs. An energy-efficient home helps in the lowering the expenses. Switching from traditional to energy-saving options also help protect the air and contribute to preventing climate change.

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Tips for Affordable Kitchen Renovations

As expensive as they may seem, affordable kitchen renovations can be executed well with a good financial plan.

Every homeowner would like to have a food preparation area that can handle all their stockpiling and cooking needs. Aside from fulfilling these needs, the food preparation area has to look great.

Even if the cost of the makeover project might be slightly high, it can be carried out successfully with a suitable financial plan. How can this be done?

Plan Ahead

You do not have to purchase cheap materials to save money. The key here is to plan things in advance. Careful pre-planning will give you enough time to do your homework and find a reputable contractor who will help you with your home improvement project at a reasonable rate. Thorough research should also get you bundles and rebates on materials that will be used in the makeover.

A good time to buy stuff for the food preparation area is during the holiday deals at your local stores assuming that you want to replace the old gear that you have in the food preparation area. If that part of your house is small, consult the contractors for advice on how you can save space in that location.

Add Colour

Colours are a major part of that home improvement project. Flip through the pages of a home remodelling magazine and show the contractor. He can suggest a colour scheme that will best suit your food preparation area. Tip: When you are choosing the colour scheme for your renovated area, make sure that it matches the shades of other things like the cabinets and ornaments.

The countertop is where food is prepared. This is a major part of affordable kitchen renovations because it is not necessary to buy another counter each time you give this place a makeover. The easiest thing to do is to add a layer of rock on the ledge since it is resistant to wear and tear. The rock may also come in different colours.

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Kitchen Renovations for Family Health and Safety

Kitchen renovations are recommended to make your family healthier and more productive. The quality of food cooked and served in your home is often based on the features and equipment in your kitchen. The types of cabinets, sink, lighting fixtures as well as the cookware, appliances and equipment used for preparing dishes are vital to the health of your family. If the kitchen is not given enough attention, it may cause health problems such as infections due to improper food storage, allergies from dust and mould build-up as well as injuries whilst cooking.

To ensure safety whilst cooking and preparing your dishes, here are some ideas for simple kitchen renovations:

Add cabinets

Cabinets give you more space to place your ingredients, utensils, appliances and kitchenware. The lesser the working space in your kitchen, the more prone it is to accidents such as burns due to unintentional touching of hot pans and wounds because of constricted space whilst cutting meats and vegetables. With more cabinets, you can clear your cutting and cooking areas of things that are not relevant for your present tasks, preventing them from causing accidents and injuries.

Improve lighting

Dark cooking areas can make the place accident-prone. By installing more lighting fixtures, you can clearly see your cooking environment. This prevents you from making mistakes in reading instructions and recipes and accidental touching of hot materials or dishes.

Upgrade plumbing

Any plumbing issue, like dripping faucet and drainage issues, can be a source of concern for your family safety. Pests and microbes thrive in a moist and humid environment.

Another source of concern is gas leaks. Wear and tear in your gas piping can lead to serious damages that can cause suffocation and fire. Once you encounter major damages in the plumbing, you may want to undertake kitchen renovations at once.

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Why is it Best to Consult a Professional About Kitchen Designs?

Instead of trying to draw kitchen designs by yourself, you may be better off consulting with professionals. After all, they spent years learning about designing kitchens. You may end up spending a lot on unnecessary things if you decide to do it yourself.

The first thing to tell your expert would be the budget so they’ll be careful not to go over it. The designer will offer a lot of cost-saving alternatives to the appliances and furniture that will be put in the kitchen. They’ll also point out what you can get from each alternative and why they’re cheaper than the original item suggested.

They work with many brands so you’ll have the option to choose among many popular brands. If you prefer a brand because of their sense of urgency, you can tell that to the designer. Of course, the professional will show their experience in working with the brands by suggesting which brands work best in your kitchen. They’ll also have an explanation as to why some brands are better than others in certain aspects.

Another thing to look for in a professional is the list of clients that they serviced in the past. If the list is full of recognisable clients, you’ll be making the right decision in hiring that company. Another thing to consider is the amount of time they have spent designing kitchens. If they just started last week, it may be better to look for other options. However, if the company has been in the industry for over a decade, you’re ensured you’re going to get great service when you hire them.

After you found out the best option would be to consult kitchen designs experts, you’re going to want to find one. It’s not easy to arrive with the best designer since there are so many of them. It would be best to look at the past kitchen designs each designer has done so you’ll find out if you’ll feel comfortable with their designs. If you can see their designs in your kitchen, you should lean towards hiring that designer.

Why Choose Granite for Kitchen Benchtops

Benchtops and countertops are considered as the focal points of any kitchen. Aside from that, these fixtures have the biggest functions. That said, when choosing a material for such important fixtures, functionality, durability as well as aesthetics should be considered.

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When it comes to benchtops and countertops, there are so many materials to choose from. For one who wants the best, there is, granite stone might come to mind right away. Here are some of the reasons why:

Enhance the property’s value—We all know that granite is the top choice amongst elite homeowners. This is because this material can easily promote the elegant and high-end-looking property. Aside from that, your kitchen will automatically look expensive with granite benchtops and countertops.

Utmost durability—Benchtops and countertops are the most common working areas in the kitchen. They need to be scratch-free and durable so they can withstand the effect of daily strenuous activities. This is a tough and durable type of stone and it is also scratch-free.

Natural Appearance—If you notice, granite has this natural look that can make your property look like it is naturally elegant. It would be like you have not really inputted a lot of effort in it and that it just happened. After all, there is a mystery in being just natural.

Easy to maintain—Because granite is not porous, maintaining it will be easy. If there are spills, which cannot be avoided since we are talking about kitchen activities here, you can just wipe them off easily. This also means that there will be fewer bacteria since your countertops, as well as your kitchen benchtops, are always dry and clean.

Heat resistant—This is an important aspect when you choose a material for your kitchen since this is where all the cooking activities will be done. It is a must that you only choose heat resistant ones.

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Design Implications in the Open Kitchen

There are modern designs that have gained immense popularity in the building industry. Across the world and Australia in particular, the open plan living has become the new trend in most buildings.

The kitchen has, therefore, become a place where not just meals are prepared but where friends and family also congregate to socialise and communicate. Consequently, the kitchen has witnessed a hike in status and therefore most homeowners are taking a lot of interest in style about it.

In this regard, homeowners are increasingly selecting from a variety of fittings, lighting, cabinetry and appliances to ensure that the kitchen is stylish. With this trend, the market has greatly been opened for a kitchen designer who can offer very stylish designs and provide appropriate advice.

Most Australian households are increasingly carrying out home refurbishments to ensure that they meet the changing lifestyle demands. Clearly, the kitchen is one area that has experienced a lot of interest. Hence, the demand for designers capable of helping in refurbishment has become commonplace.

A good designer can help in re-designing the area to enable it to become spacious, provide space for storage and improve the flow of traffic within. Moreover, there are many styles that have entered the market that require the designer who keeps abreast with the latest trends.

Changing the configuration is more demanding from a financial budgetary perspective as compared to a renovation as it requires some plumbing works, new electronics, and alterations on doors, windows, and walls.

It is, therefore, advisable to assess whether a kitchen significantly benefits from reconfiguration before it is carried out. If it fails to benefit, then it is advisable to consider undertaking a renovation. Nonetheless, in reconfigurations, a designer plays a vital role as he/she must ensure that the new design comports with the style envisaged by the homeowner.

A designer has to be conversant with the aesthetic and practical needs of the homes that he is building or redesigning to ensure that they are modern and stylish. Additionally, the other players such as the appliance manufacturers are also making new innovations that will best suit the new design and styles in the kitchen.

Moreover, the joinery is also increasingly changing and this requires that the designers be completely aware of the changes and work with other players to deliver a modern style. Painters must also be aware of the changes that will be required in the new open kitchen to make it appear stylish.

Adding More Space in Your Kitchen

Do you constantly feel that you don’t have enough space in your kitchen? That means it’s time to renovate. Belle Décor House is the best partner for the job because of its top-quality products, experienced kitchen designers, and commitment to home improvement. They are proven leaders in creating intelligent solutions to make homes better than before.

Honest advice

Kitchen designers at Belle Décor House provide honest advice to its clients. They don’t just install products for decoration purposes but decide whether it matches the family’s lifestyle and the house’s structure. For example, if expensive lighting fixtures will not be utilised daily, the kitchen designers will not put them up. It’s important for us to give our clients value for their money instead of purchasing unnecessary materials that can’t be used. Imagine the money that you’ll save with our cost-effective approach in designing the renovation.

Reliable workmanship

We will only let skilled and experienced tradesmen touch your property. No matter how difficult or unusual the job order will be, you can be assured that our team can handle it with superior workmanship. Moreover, the services we offer are high-quality. Leave your worries behind and let us work our magic.

High-quality materials

Among the reason why we are an innovation giant is because we supply premium materials for any type of renovation job. We have window furnishings, painting job, furniture, screen door replacement, and more. Not only that, we also provide professional advice in choosing the right product for the renovation. All of these comes at a very reasonable price.

Good reputation

When you work with us, you know you’re in good hands because we only produce excellent renovation projects. Our team of kitchen designers perform extensive planning to create the space you deserve. Absolute workmanship, effective collaboration and high-quality products. That’s how we’re known in the borders of Australia.

Your comfort is important to us. That’s why we only deliver the best services to give you a peace of mind. Get affordable deals with kitchen designers in Sydney and make the dream renovation into reality.