Best Colours for Offices and Commercial Establishments

For designers, the choice of colours is crucial in influencing the behaviours and moods of people. This principle is true in almost all circumstances, including those used by commercial painters. The hues used in painting the exteriors and interiors of commercial establishments can deeply affect the both employees and customers. Here are some best colours in offices and where they are best painted:

Blue and green – For a busy work environment, blue and green coloured paints work well. Studies say that blue calms the busy environment whilst green keeps us rooted to our evolutionary past. These colours of sky and foliage and freshness keep our minds peaceful even in a time of haste.

Red – For detail-oriented companies, red-hued offices can help boost the productivity of their employees. Studies show that red-coloured offices boost the productivity of workers who are engaged in detail-oriented tasks such as proofreading and bookkeeping. Red is also ideal for getting attention, especially in packaging. However, never use red in restaurants as this colour unconsciously signals the brain to stop eating.

Black and white – Luxury, high-fashion and design companies benefit from a workplace painted in black and white. These colours compliment in providing a classy look that is needed by major haute couture clothing industry as well as premium design firms. Black and white also boosts brand recall. A good example of this is Apple. The black or white logo depending on the background and usage makes the logo stick in the minds of their consumers.

Yellow and orange – Restaurants, office break rooms, and public restrooms are best painted with these energetic colours. But experts caution to avoid using bright yellows as it can generate anxiety in people. Orange can create an atmosphere of warmth, enthusiasm and stimulation. Just like bright yellows, make the tone lighter to avoid overstimulation which can result in anxiety.

Studies have shown that the colours we use in painting our offices can make or break businesses. As such, experts recommend architects and interior designers to use colours wisely. Aside from hiring designers who can charge high fees, you can hire an expert commercial painter. These professionals have the experience and in-depth knowledge in the power and effects that colours give to people. Just choose the companies that have excellent track record in providing residential and commercial painting services for years.