Adventures Waiting For You In Marcoola

Most of Australia is undiscovered by tourists. Gifted with a huge landmass with a rich variety of flora and fauna, the Land Down Under never ceases to fascinate travellers all over the world.

Whilst the more famous Australian megacities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are on the radar of the global travellers, its lesser-known destinations are rarely mentioned in their conversations with fellow avid tourists. They are unaware of the visual and sensory treasures that abound in the country’s unfamiliar places. And, what’s more, enjoying and lodging in these places are way more affordable than in sprawling Australian metropolises.

Marcoola is one of such areas. As a suburb in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, it is an area that can provide awesome seascapes and landscapes that you cannot experience whilst journeying in the more popular destinations. The place is bordered by the Pacific Ocean in the east and Mount Coolum and Mount Coolum National Park in the north. It is also near Sunshine Coast Airport. Taking these features into account, you have a place where you can enjoy spectacular natural scenes that can provide you unmatched relaxation and can uplift your spirit. What’s more, you have access to taking a flight and see these unique breathtaking views.

For a traveller who is tired of urban living and is eager to embark in a relaxing and soul-searching, this is the place to be. All you need to do is book in one of the motels in Marcoola and enjoy this trip.

Aside from serious relaxation and revitalisation of your spirit, the place can also give you many treats that can also make your visit fun. You can also explore Eumundi markets near motels Marcoola every Wednesday and Saturday. These markets sell exotic local food as well as homewares, artworks and other products in the area. You can also enjoy thrilling rides such as 120-metre Thrill Hill Waterslide along Sunshine Coast. If you want to take your adventure to the extreme from high above, you can also embark on a skydiving experience during the sunset. If you prefer to explore down under, you can also swim with humpback whales and sharks.