Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual and Motorised Awnings

There are two basic types of awnings: the first one is manually operated and the second one is motorised models. They both have advantages and disadvantages and you need to consider them before making a decision. To help you further, we listed below the advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Manual awnings

This is operated by hands and its advantages include:

  • It is highly affordable, not only upon purchase but in terms of operations.
  • This can adapt to almost any type of patio or deck.
  • It gives durable and reliable support arms that can be set vertically on the floor of deck or patio and can be angled back against your home. These arms give extra stability and support which homeowners favour in windy locations.
  • Versatility can be maximised through the use of different accessories available.
  • When broken, manual awnings are a lot easy to repair.

However, they also have disadvantages including:

  • You need to stay on guard, as failing to retract it on extreme weather condition may break the arms and may end up unrepairable.
  • It may take time and effort to retract it.

Motorised awnings

They are operated using electricity, and they do not have vertical supports. Its advantages include:

  • Instead of vertical supports, motorised awnings have to retract lateral arms that can give you an unobstructed shaded area.
  • It can be opened and closed through a touch of a wall mounted switch or a wireless remote control.
  • Those that are more modernised have sensors, so in the event that strong wind is detected, it will retract automatically. The same goes for when the sun shines strong—it will open and will close when the sun sets.
  • Modernised ones are most of the time constructed with covers of different kinds of fabrics, corrugated fibreglass, corrugated polycarbonate, aluminium or any other materials.

Like manual awnings, motorised types also have disadvantages, including:

  • Upon purchase, it is more expensive and repairs can possibly cause you a fortune. Repair and maintenance usually require professional service.
  • The electricity consumption every time it is opened and closed may not be cheap, so expect that your electricity bill will shoot up upon installation and usage of the device.

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