How to Achieve Maximum Shine for Your Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete

The polished concrete Ballarat can make a spectacular finish, may it be for indoor or outdoor use. Keeping it always looking its best is a must. Regular cleaning and polishing are common practice, not only for aesthetics but extending the longevity of the floor. In polishing your floor, you need to work on stages using different textures of disks. Here is a step-by-step cleaning guide you can follow:

Step 1: Sweep

Before applying polish, you need to make sure that your floor is free of dust, dirt or any debris. Use a soft bristle broom and gather all your collected using a dustpan or vacuum.

Step 2: Mop

Prepare a bucket of water with a mild detergent then mop the entire surface to make sure all the residual of dust will be removed. Light stains should be removed from this step. Before you begin polishing, make sure that the entire surface is dry.

Tip: You can mop it with a dry and clean cloth.

Step 3: Polish using coarse grit

Using a 500-coarse grit polishing disk, polish the entire surface. It is highly recommended that you use a coarse grit to ensure that you can get rid of all stubborn stains and areas on the floor that is not smooth. It is best if you systematically move upward and from side to side until all areas are covered. Work on the polishing in a circular motion using coarse grit disk.

Tip: Pay extra attention to marks and stains so that you can get rid of them as much as you can; never miss on any areas as you go on.

Step 4: Polish with fine grit

Using a fine grit disk, work on the entire floor using a circular motion. After polishing with fine grit, all residual stains should all be gone. After this step, the polished concrete floor should look uniform and clean as all stains are all gone.

Step 5: Polish with extra fine grit

Polish the floor with the finest grit available. This can give your floor a glass-like shine. To give it extra shine and a long-lasting appeal, apply polisher.