3 Questions to Ask Commercial Painters

If your property looks very old, you need to have it repainted. You’ll need commercial painters but you shouldn’t hire the first one you see on the internet. You must ask them several questions before hiring one including:

How many awards have you won?

It would be a big boost to the confidence of the painters if they’ve won an award. If they’ve won plenty of awards, it means their hard work didn’t go unnoticed. You’ll feel confident hiring professionals who won lots of awards. You can’t blame them if they boast about their awards since they worked hard to earn them.

What equipment do you use?

They shouldn’t be using ladders to scale tall buildings as that would be risky. They should be using specialised equipment so the job will be done efficiently. The reason for that is to prevent accidents from happening. Since this task involves tall buildings, there are some chance accidents will occur and you’d want to prevent that as much as possible.

How long will it take for you to finish the job?

That would depend on the scope of the job so you need to sit down with them and tell them what you want to be painted. If it’s just a small house, they shouldn’t take more than a day. However, if it’s a tall building, it’s possible they’ll take a couple of weeks. It would also depend on the experience of the painters. If they’ve been in the industry for a long time, you can expect them to finish the job faster.

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