3 Plumbing Hacks that Always Work

Everyone will have some type of plumbing emergency at least once in their lives. Regardless if it’s a burst pipe, a blocked drain or overflowing sewage, problems with your pipes are always a hassle to fix. If you’re having these problems, here are a few things that are sure to help.

Don’t use chemicals on your pipes!

At the first sight of blocked drains, most people’s first reaction would be to go for a drain cleaner. This is a big mistake. These cleaners are made of strong acids, which can damage your pipes. Furthermore, they can pose a health hazard to you and your family.

Most drain cleaners are made from either sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide (lye). The solution must be corrosive enough to break down any organic materials, including hair, grease and other blockages. Whilst it is effective for this purpose, it can break down your pipes as well. The chemical is strong enough to damage your pipes over time.

The longer the acid sits in one place, the more it eats away at whatever comes it comes into contact with. This is a problem, as most plumbing systems have U-pipes. If the acid gets stuck at the bend, it could easily corrode the metal.

Always turn off your water supply.

The moment you notice something’s wrong with your pipes, turn off the water supply. Keeping the water going will only cause more damage to the system. In addition, you’ll also wind up making a mess. This is especially true for burst pipes and overflowing sewage.

Call a professional immediately.

A lot of people make the mistake of trying to fix the problem themselves. This is rarely effective, especially in the long run. Only qualified plumbers are capable of correctly diagnosing the problem with your pipe systems. Why leave the repair of your pipework to chance when you can have a trained professional take out the guesswork?

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