3 Places That Need a Water Cooler

It’s common to see a water cooler in almost all places that you go to. Besides, water is a necessity and it’s a cost-effective way to keep everyone from getting thirsty. However, these are places that should have them:

Basketball Court

Basketball is a physically demanding sport. Therefore, players will get thirsty after playing one full-court game. If they don’t keep themselves hydrated, they won’t perform well. They’ll have a tough time coming back down on defence. In fact, some players call time out in the middle of the game because they’re out of gas. If it’s summer, they’ll get dehydrated faster because of the heat.


Due to all the exercise-related activities in the gym, it’s tough to not get thirsty. Since a monthly gym membership is not exactly cheap, it’s important to keep rehydrated to exercise longer in the gym. If you become dehydrated, you’ll have no choice but to head home early. If you get rehydrated, you’ll become motivated to stay longer and do various exercises like lifting weights, running the treadmill and doing group exercises.


Due to how stressful office work can be, workers need to keep hydrated. The best solution for that would be to have a water cooler installed in the office so they won’t have to leave the office to buy a water bottle.

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