The sign in the craft shop, which has probably appeared in thousands of kitchens by now, states something similar to “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best”. There’s no doubt about it; your kitchen is a reflection of you and your lifestyle. If you happen to be a gourmet cook, you may be able to justify spending a lot of money on appliances, hand-crafted cabinets, etc. But if you’re like most people, you have a budget for your renovation, limiting to some extent what you can include and what you can’t include.

Kitchen Renovation

Use Your Kitchen

One of the best pieces of advice for someone at the start of the process involves deciding just how you use your kitchen now and how you’ll be using it in the future. Is your kitchen primarily a workplace or is it also a location that you pass through on the way to other activities? If you’re not sure, you may want to work with professional renovators who can answer your questions and be there to discuss your ideas.

As you considering a renovation, it’s also important to keep value and investment in mind. This is one of the two or three rooms in the home that can give you a solid return on your investment. If you’re at the maybe/maybe not point with granite countertops, this thinking can help you make the decision. The same could be said for appliances. You can be extremely practical and be not completely satisfied with the service that you get from these essential items. Or, you can spend more and be happy with your choice for a longer period of time.

Stainless Steel

While this is different from a few years ago, home renovators with experience may strongly recommend choosing stainless steel appliances. The initial cost may be a bit higher but you’ll probably see more interest if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future (perhaps upon retirement).

Of course, this is the right time to think about cabinets as well. In fact, this is a key item for the kitchen renovation, one that could be the focal point of the entire design. In addition to appearance, cabinetry should be included in the planning process when you’re considering how you use your kitchen. If it’s a working kitchen, you’ll want plenty of extra shelves and maybe even some roll-out convenience and a lazy Susan included somewhere.